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Handyman services in Elmbridge and Surrey are cheaper than you think. If you consider the time it takes to find the tools you need to carry out that DIY. In some cases purchase the necessary tools. A good drill for putting up curtains and blinds. It can be significantly quicker to get someone in to carry out the job. It is frustrating when that small job runs into an unexpected problem, If you have not seen it before, it can take quite some time to solve.

I can help you avoid those difficulties and speed up the process.

But if you are thinking about taking on any jobs, ensure that you have a few good tools and have a look at a few You tube clips.. 

Hammer, some things just need a little tap.

Screwdrivers, flathead and posidrive. Make sure you have a few different sizes. Essential for flatpack

Mole Grips, a useful tool for nuts bolts and pipes, and they can be locked on.

Stanley Knife, always helpful, even for just opening packets, make sure you have some spare blades.

Allen keys or Hex keys, there are a surprising amount of bits out there that need one of these to undo it.

Spirit Level, essential for pictures and shelves.

Spanners, a small inexpensive set will serve you well.

Tape measure, you want to make sure it will fit.

Scissors, to cut that blind to size.

Hacksaw, you can cut small bits of wood and pipe with this.

Pliers, always helpful.

Torch, get a wind up one so it can always be used.


A bag or toolbox to keep it all in.

An electric combi drill, if you want to drill into a wall, get one with a hammer action.

A bit of patience and your glasses if you wear them.